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White Van Hire

White Van Hire

Although vans come in many styles, colours and sizes, the two terms that are still the most popular when looking for vans are “white van hire” and “white van man”. White vans are still the most widely used and there is now a white van that can match any requirement you may have.

Choice of white van

The most popular choice for white van hire is the Ford Transit. The Transit can come in many forms and sizes, each one with the classic Ford simplicity and driving ability. No matter what the size of the Transit hired, handling is very similar and they can all be driven on a UK driving license with no special heavy goods categories.

The Transit is used by many hire companies for both commercial and domestic purposes; the versions of the Transit can generally be banded in the size of the wheel base. The wheel base size will not only determine the size of the vehicle but also the amount of internal loading length. Wheel base sizes available are:
  • Short wheel base (SWB)
  • Long wheel base (LWB)
  • Extra-long wheel base (XLWB)
The long wheel base Transit and the XLWB Transit known as the Jumbo are excellent for affording the user extra load length and are popular with carpet fitters and house removal firms.

One white van hire choice that does match the Transit for size and manoeuvrability is the Mercedes Sprinter. The XLWB version of the Sprinter is generally the most popular van in its size out doing the Transit Jumbo. The Sprinter is the van that is offered as the XLWB sized van by many companies.

The most popular white van for large jobs such as house and business removals is the Luton. The Luton is manufactured by many leading van makers and different hire firms will have various versions of the Luton. Each Luton is similar in appearance, load length and payload and the only visible difference is the front cab which will be designed in the style of the manufacturer.

The Luton is a box van that will have around 4.0 metres in load length and have a payload of close to one tonne. There is also the option of a tail lift which is perfect for lifting heavy and awkward objects, many hire companies with provide the van with and without the tail lift.

Smaller choices for white van hire will include the VW Caddy, Ford Connect or Vauxhall Combo. These are a good van of choice for couriers of smaller items and tradesmen of various kinds.

Finding white van hire

Finding a white van for hire shouldn’t be too hard to do, most vans come in the colour white as standard and companies will stock whole fleets of vans in white. Many companies have websites for their businesses and there is often the option for online booking, sometimes with a discount available. Companies in the local area can be easily searched and found by using a local directory.

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