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VW Camper Van Hire

VW Camper Van Hire

When people hear the name VW or Volkswagen, the Camper will always spring to mind. The VW camper van has long been a favourite across the world for millions of people thanks to the style and freedom it offers. In recent years there has been a rise in popularity in people looking for VW Camper van hire. The vans are being used for camping trips, weddings and festivals, the versatility of the VW Camper means that you holiday anyway you wish and it offers a great alternative to staying in a hotel or tent.

Interior of a VW Camper van

VW Camper van hire will provide you with everything you need to enjoy your holiday. There are versions of the van available that can sleep from two people up to six people; also included are a sink, a hob, taps and cupboards. Many of the vintage vehicles have been upgraded to include modern features without the losing the classically styled interior. Vans now include features such as a DVD player, CD sound system and iPod hook up.

Popular choices for VW Camper van hire are the 1960’s split screen van and the 1970’s bay window version, the new T5 VW Camper offers the same camping facilities alongside modern style and VW reliability.

The upside to the newer Camper’s is the fact that they are more efficient and economically friendly and can also come in automatic and manually transmissions.

Campers that are used for weddings will have the same bright and funky exterior but will have more of a minibus interior with room for up to 14 people.

Hiring a VW Camper Van

Hiring a regular van can usually be done from as little as one hour; because of the use of the VW camper it is generally only available over a longer period. A shorter hire period will be available if you are looking to hire the van for a wedding, this will usually require that the van is hired with a driver and most companies will supply champagne included in the price and be fully decorated in theme with the big day.

The most popular use of VW Camper van hire is to travel on holiday. Vans can be hired for a weekend, mid-week breaks or for a full week, the price of hire will depend on which company you have chosen to hire from and what kind of van you require. The price you will pay will also depend on which time of year you are travelling. The summer months will cost more than winter months when there is less demand.

Travelling in summer months will not only mean paying a higher cost of hire but there is likely to be many Campers unavailable. It is advisable to plan and book your trip as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

You should make sure that there are no hidden costs in the price of hire and that insurance, VAT and breakdown cover is included in the quote.

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