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Multi Seater Van Hire

Multi Seater Van Hire

A multi seater van is perfect for any occasion and is the vehicle of choice for anyone travelling in a large group. Multi seater van hire is popular for travelling on holiday, to the airport, seaside or on a sports trip it is also ideal for wedding and conference parties, choosing a multi seater van has many benefits.

Why choose a multi seater van?

Multi seater van hire is becoming a great alternative for travelling groups who would have previously used other public transport methods such as planes or trains. Going through the rigmarole of booking flights and train tickets and the waiting around that is involved is something that turns many people off; there is also the increasing cost of plane and train tickets. A multi seater van or minibus gives the chance for a group to travel together and allows them to share the cost of travel. There is also the versatility of a multi seater van, the seating options start from 6 seaters ranging up to 16 seaters and all in between, each van will also have access for luggage to be stored.

Self-drive hire or hire with driver

One option that you will often be met with when looking for multi seater van hire is the option of self-drive or driver, each choice has its advantages and disadvantages.

Choosing a multi seater van on a self-drive basis has the main benefit of freedom, you are able to travel where you want and when you want, you are also able to keep the van for a longer period and overnight which is something that cannot be done on a van with driver.

Choosing a van with a driver will take away the stress of having to drive a passenger vehicle, a driver will also come with experience in handling a vehicle that you may not have driven in the past. The downside to hiring with a driving is the restrictions on travel. A driver will not be available for overnight stays and maybe be restricted as to how far they can travel.

Hiring from a nationwide or local company

When looking for multi seater van hire you will generally find that there are companies the operate UK wide and some that operate locally. Choosing to hire from a local independent company can often mean cheaper hire prices, there are many local private hire taxi firms that can offer a fleet of multi seater vans at discounted rated for airport travel or special trips.

Nationwide hire firms have hundreds of branches throughout the UK and will generally supply vehicles on a self-drive basis, the benefit of choosing to hire from a nationwide supplier is the option of one way hire.

One way hire allows the van to be hired at one location and returned at any location in the UK, many also offer the chance to travel into Europe with their vehicles which is a good option for any group using multi seater van hire to holiday abroad.

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