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10 Seater Van Hire

10 Seater Van Hire

The cost friendly and convenient nature of 10 seater mini vans has led to them becoming one of the most popular modes of transport for groups of people. The 10 seater van can be used in many ways and by types of traveller from people going on a night on the town to sports teams travelling to and from sporting events. Travelling by van also takes away the need for taking two or three cars on a trip and allows the group to remain together and also spread the cost of travel, making it cheap for everyone.

Booking a 10 seater van early

10 seater vans are also referred to as minibuses and are offered by hundreds of van rental suppliers and private hire firms across the UK. 10 seater van hire can extremely popular no matter what the time of year and it is recommended that booking is done as in advance as possible to avoid disappointment.

Many suppliers offering 10 seater van hire can be found on the internet and will often stock vans for various uses alongside cars, many companies also offer the chance for online booking which, thanks to the low admin costs can give the customer a discount.

Booking early will require that you have your travel plans in place, summer months are popular with holiday makers and festival goers and winters are popular with people travelling to end of year parties and celebrations. Some 10 seater vans may come with extras that can be included; these will often come at an extra price. Added extras include:
  • Minibar
  • Toilet
  • TV and DVD
  • Sound system
These extras can be beneficial on long journeys and if there are young children travelling.

Getting cheap hire prices

With the amount of suppliers that can provide 10 seater van hire there is a good chance of achieving a low quote. Most companies are keen to gain custom and will happily match or beat you lowest quote, however it is important that the quote you receive includes no hidden costs or extra charges.

A reputable hire company will give you a quote that includes insurance, breakdown cover and VAT; companies that don’t do this will often seem, on the surface, to offer the best price, however once these costs are added on to the bill the price can be dramatically different. VAT alone can add 20% to a quoted price.

You may make a saving on 10 seater van hire on a self-drive basis, some suppliers, especially private hire and taxi firms will supply vans only with a driver, this will mean that as-well as the cost of the van there will be the driver’s wages to cover. Self-drive will mean that you are just paying for the use of the van.
Some suppliers will advertise special offers during certain times of the year; this may lead to getting a cheap quote for hire. There are often specials on weekends and in school term time that can save 5%-10% 0n the total cost of hire.

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