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Cheap Van Hire UK

Cheap Van Hire UK

Van hire is very popular in the UK and many people need the use of a van to cover a short term purpose such as collecting or delivering shopping or moving home. The internet is a popular way to search for vans in the local area, many companies have websites with the facilities to choose and book a van online in minutes. One popular search term in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo is “cheap van hire UK” and most people like to find van hire at the lowest price possible without getting a second rate service. 

“Cheap van hire UK” is a claim made by many companies; the claim is usually made in relation to the cost of the smallest van for the shortest period of time. To find the cheapest hire with a van that suits your requirements will often take a bit of shopping around and a bit of research. Ultimately the best price you find will come down to the size of the van you need and for how long.

Sizes of van available

Cheap van hire UK can be applied to all vans; vans are available in sizes that can suit any requirement and job. The smallest vans available are will have a loading capacity of 2.8 cubic metres and a payload of around 625 kg. The most popular small vans are:
  • Ford Connect
  • Citroën Berlingo
  • Vauxhall Combo
  • VW Caddy
  • Renault Kangoo
A small van will be perfect if the use is to only transport small parcels or furniture items. They can be useful for collecting items such as a washing machine or cooker from a store.

A medium sized van can offer extra load space and weight while not be too much different driving a smaller van or large car. They offer around 2.4 metres in internal length and a payload of 900-1200 kg. The medium van will be perfect for larger items of furniture such as fridge-freezers and wardrobes. Popular medium sized vans for hire are:
  • Ford Transit
  • Renault Trafic
  • VW Transporter
Larger vans can come in long and extra- long wheel base versions of the Transit and the Mercedes Sprinter; these are perfect for carrying out large jobs without differing too much in manoeuvrability. The payload for LWB and XLWB vans is around the same 1200-1500 kg, the load length of a LWB van is around 3.4 m and a XLWB around 4.1 m.

The Luton van is an XLWB van that comes in a box shape, this van is the vehicle of choice for house removals with a payload of 1200-1600 kg and a load length of 4 m, the van also gives excellent width and height over other vans.

Duration of van hire

Getting cheap van hire UK will depend on how long you require the vehicle for. Vans can be hired from half a day up to a month, deciding how long the task is going to take will lead you to the best price, you shouldn’t have the van for longer than needed.

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