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Low Cost Van Hire

Low Cost Van Hire

The popularity of van hire in the UK has led to more and more companies providing a service and therefore prices becoming more competitive. Most people like to find companies that can offer low cost van hire with first class service and a good range of vans. When searching for low prices you will find that one company’s version of low cost van hire is completely different than another’s. The van hire and rental industry does not have set prices on what they can charge and you will need to carry out some research to find the best possible service.

Finding low cost hire

Finding the low cost van hire at the cheapest possible price is one thing but combining that low price with good service is a completely different task. Many people, while happy to find the lowest possible quote will not be happy if the service and vehicle they receive are substandard; people like to have the best of both.

Getting a low price on your van hire will first depend on the type of van you need - the smaller the van lower the price. A small van such as a Vauxhall Combo or a Ford Connect will be a lot cheaper to hire than a larger van such as a Ford LWB Luton or a Mercedes Sprinter. Also important in the lowest price possible is the length of time you will need the van. Some companies hire terms from as little as half a day and can range up to a month or more. The hire of a small van for one day can be as little as £20.00 whilst the hire of a large van for a month can be as much as £800. You will need to decide what job you need to do with the van and how long the job will take.

The best way to find low cost van hire is to use the internet and a simple search on Google or Bing for low cost hire in your area will lead you to many companies local to you. Many van hire companies can provide online booking and will include all prices online, while others will provide an online quotation form.

Insurance for your van hire

Insurance will be needed to be able to drive the van and usually fully comprehensive is included to protect both passenger and van. The insurance can affect the price and to get low cost van hire at the cheapest possible price you will need to find out whether it is in the price or will incur extra costs.

VAT on the prices

VAT makes up 20% of the cost of hire and you will need to know whether or not the hire company have included this in their quotation.

Available Extras

Various extras will also add to the overall cost of hire, you will need to factor in if certain extras are required. Extras can include a tail lift on larger vans for lifting heavy objects, a towbar or blankets.

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