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7.5 Ton Van Hire

7.5 Ton Van Hire

Vans can come in many sizes and varieties and are used for numerous reasons all over the world. The option of buying a van is often an expensive choice and one that many cannot afford to do, especially those that need the use of a van alongside a car. It is not only the cost of the van but also the fuel, insurance and tax - this is why many people choose to hire.

Hiring a van can be extremely beneficial and for people who have the need for a larger vehicle for long or short term use the hiring is often the only option as large vans can cost easily in excess of £20,000 to buy. Large van hire is useful for both commercial and domestic purposes and the one that offers the greatest versatility is the 7.5 ton van hire.

7.5 ton Vans for Hire

7.5 ton van hire gives options to customers that many other vans can’t and can come in different styles; the first benefit that the 7.5 ton van brings is size. The size of a 7.5 ton van means that is can be used easily for moving house or delivering large items such as carpets or furniture. It is significantly larger than a Ford Transit or Luton but not as large as a tractor unit which means it can still be driven with ease.

Most 7.5 ton van hire companies will also offer the option of a tail lift; choosing to have a tail lift will depend on the intended use of the vehicle. A tail lift is a lift on the back of the vehicle which will have the ability to lift up to one tonne in weight from the ground up to the van floor; this makes it perfect for lifting heavy items such as wardrobes or filing cabinets. Roller shutter doors are used with vans that include a tail lift which also makes it easier to operate.

There is also the option to choose from having a 7.5 ton box van or a curtain sided van, and each has its own benefits. The curtain sided van differs from the box van whereby the sides of the van can be opened for loading and unloading, many private couriers and trade companies benefit from this option as items are sometimes stored on pallets and can be easily transported to and from the van by forklift truck.

Driving the van

Some companies offer the option of 7.5 ton van hire complete with driver; this can mean having an expertise of someone who is experienced in operating the vehicle. It can also remove the stress of driving and the worry about have any sort of accident in a vehicle you are unfamiliar with. The most common form of 7.5 ton van hire is the self-drive option; this gives more flexibility and freedom.

To be eligible for driving the van your driving license must hold a category C1, and most companies ask that you are over the age of 25.

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