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Van Hire No Deposit

Van Hire No Deposit

Van hire is a popular choice with many people and gives a good alternative to the option of buying. Hiring also offer flexibility in the length of time you are able to have the vehicle in your possession; you can even choose to hire the van for as little as hour in some cases. When looking for van hire, no deposit hiring is something that people also look for. Although not as widely available as van with a deposit, there are options that can be taken to find a van deposit free.

Paying a deposit for van hire

The reason that van hire companies will demand a deposit is because of the fact that it gives them another form of insurance against any damage that may occur whilst the van is in the possession of the customer. A deposit of £200-£500 is charged by companies and the van will be subject to an inspection prior to hiring an on its return. If the van is returned in the same condition that it was hired in then the deposit will be fully returned.

The deposit is usually taken by credit card and the card will generally only be charged if any damage has occurred on the vehicle. The credit card option is one of the reasons that people will look for “van hire, no deposit”. Not everyone has a credit card or valid debit card and hiring a van that requires a deposit will often demand that you have access to one of these cards; the other option is to give the deposit in cash which many people do not have.

Options for hire without a deposit

When conducting a search for van hire, no deposit hire is often hard to come by, especially if you are looking for a self-drive vehicle. There are a few companies out there that are willing to hire out a van without a deposit but it is likely that you will need to shop around. Van hire with no deposit is not usually available with the large nationwide companies and it is probably best to look for local van hire. No deposit van hire in your local area can be found be using the internet, search engines are a good option to find what options are available.

You may also find that van hire without a deposit may prove more expensive and you may need to pay more for insurance and cover.

One good option is to hire a van that comes with a driver, this has numerous benefits. The first benefit is the fact that you will not need to pay a deposit and because you will not be driving the vehicle, there are no insurance fees to pay. A van with a driver means that you do not have the worry of driving a vehicle of which you have no experience driving; this is particularly helpful with larger 7.5 tonne vans. A driver can also take away the stress of driving.

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