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Sunday Van Hire

Sunday Van Hire

With most people working Monday through Friday the only time they have available to hire a van for the job they need is on a weekend. Weekend van hire is extremely popular with many people using this time to move house or pick up large items that they may have purchased. Some people choose just to hire for the day and Saturday and Sunday van hire on a daily basis is also big business. Sunday van hire does offer certain restrictions over hiring on a Saturday or the whole weekend.

Hiring on a Sunday

The biggest drawback of hiring a van for one day on a Sunday is the time restriction. Many companies, especially those on a local level are restricted to the hours they are open. Sunday opening hours for van hire firms are usually around 9:00 am – 16:30 pm meaning that the van will only be available for a shorter period of time. Not returning the van before closing time may result in you losing some of your deposit. Some companies will allow Sunday van hire to extend to returning the van on a Monday morning, but this may mean extra charges.

Hiring a van on a Sunday is not as popular as hiring on a Saturday or over a weekend and it may mean that you are able to find a discount on the price charged on other days of the week; some companies offer up to a 20% discount for hiring on a Sunday. Sunday is also a good day to choose if you are looking for half day van hire.

Half day van hire involves just having access to a van for three or four hours. The prices charged are generally half the full day rate and it is a perfect choice if you are just looking to collect or deliver an item to a location.

Sunday van hire is also good for getting the choice of van you need. Sunday being not as popular as a Saturday will mean that there is often a larger selection of vans available; you may be able to hire a larger van that wouldn’t normally be available during the week.

Finding van hire

Not all companies offer Sunday van hire on a day basis and will only limit hire to a full weekend. Finding companies that have vans for hire on a Sunday may not prove as easy as finding those that have vans available throughout the week. Using a local directory such as the Yellow Pages or the Thomson Local will give you a list of companies offering van hire; it will be up to you to contact these companies to find out hiring days and hours as-well getting quotes.

The best option to find van hire is to use the internet as a resource. The internet has hundreds of websites of companies offering van hire; the websites usually include information on prices charged, vans available and contact details, it is worth contacting different companies for quotes as you may find yourself with a discount for Sunday hire.

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