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Van Hire For Europe

Van Hire For Europe

There are times when people might need the use of a van to travel into Europe; this could be a minibus van for holidaying or a larger van for moving to a foreign country. Van hire for Europe is not offered by every company and will require some research to find out which companies do offer the service.

Driving license for Europe

Many people worry about choosing van hire for Europe and then not being eligible to drive it overseas. Many people worry about if their license covers them to drive in Europe; this will not be a problem for those with a UK driving license. A full UK driving license generally gives the drivers the same entitlements on the European continent as it does in the UK.

Restrictions on hiring

There are certain restrictions that are in place with van hire for Europe. Most UK hire vans will hold eligibility for driving in Europe however services such as one way van hire that is offered by some of the UK nationwide companies will not be in place for European travel. All vehicles will need to be returned back to the UK once finished with although there are certain companies that may offer one way van hire to Spain. These companies can be found on the internet and the use of a search engine.

Different companies will have restrictions on the countries that can be travelled to; most of the larger European countries are catered to such as:
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
Other Northern and Eastern European countries may be restricted; you will need to find out where you are allowed to travel when you are gathering quotes.

Nationwide companies

The best place to find a company that can offer van hire for Europe is to look for the companies that are nationally recognised. Companies such as Europcar, A1 National Van Hire and Admiral Self-drive Van Hire have the facilities to provide a wide variety of vans that can be used to travel into Europe. Vans are available from small combo and connect vans ranging up to boxed vans such as the Luton and 7.5 tonne.

Nationwide companies also have the facilities to deliver the van to the location of your choosing anywhere in the UK and also collect the vehicle from you when the hire period is complete.

Breakdown cover

All vans when hired in the UK will come with full national breakdown cover; this may be included in the quoted price or maybe charged as extra. When choosing van hire for Europe it is important that European breakdown cover is included, breakdown cover that is applied to vans in the UK will not be eligible for vans travelling in to Europe and European breakdown cover is designed to be able to cover any problems with the vehicle across many European countries. If you are a travelling to a country outside the main European countries then it is important to see whether the breakdown cover applies to that area.

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