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Half Day Van Hire

Half Day Van Hire

Van hire is extremely useful for many jobs, but why hire a van for longer than you need it? Some companies offer a minimum of one day hire; this can be good for anything that is only going to take a day such as transporting goods between places. There are times that a van is only needed for a few hours and paying a full day rate is too much; this is why some companies have introduced half day van hire.

Driver requirements for van hire

To be eligible for half day van hire the designated driver must be properly licensed. A few companies may offer the services of a driver which means that the customer will not have the need to worry about being licensed, most however hire vehicles on a self-drive basis. The usual minimum age for driving a hire van is 21 (some companies set the age at 25) and the driver is generally required to have at least two years driving experience. Larger 7.5 tonne vans will require that the driver has a category C1 license; this will be on every license of drivers that passed their driving test prior to 01/01/1997, those that passed a test after this date will need to have undergone test to qualify them for a category C1.

Choosing a hire firm

Half day van hire is not offered by every single company and you will need to contact companies in your area that offer this service. A good way to find out which hire firms offer the half day service is to use the internet and a search engine. Many companies have personal websites that detail what services they offer, what vans they have in their fleet and many also offer online quotations.

A half day van hire is normal a period of time on the morning or afternoon, some companies may offer half day hire over night with an evening pick-up and early morning drop off. Most companies will have the half day time period as:
  • Morning 8:00 am – 12:30 pm
  • Afternoon 12:30 pm – 5:00 pm
  • Overnight 6:00 pm – 8:00 am
These hours may change slightly depending on the company but these are the general hours.

The hire firm may also have certain policies regarding what mileage and what is allowed during the hours of hire. Most companies will operate a strict no smoking policy and many will also demand that no pets are allowed in the van.

Mileage regulations with van hire

Mileage regulations will differ depending on the company; some include a mileage allowance that is factored into the price of hire. This could be unlimited mileage or be set at a total of 150-250 miles per day; if the mileage is set at a certain amount then every mile over that limit will be charged per mile.

Other companies charge per mile from the moment of hire and the total amount of mileage used can be deducted from the deposit when the van is returned. This can be beneficial if you only intend on doing a few miles.

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