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Types of Van Hire

Van hire is an essential service that almost everyone needs at some stage during his or her life and surprisingly even though today Van hire in the UK is almost everywhere, still people struggle with fitting oversized objects into vehicles, often damaging both the vehicle and also the goods they need transported!

Van hire in the UK

Van hire in the UK is affordable, cheap and most importantly it's right next door. The days of hiring vehicles by the day are also almost over as the Internet has brought forth a new age of pay as you go Van hire in the UK, which means you can hire the exact vehicle you want and be driving it within hours completely stress free and without problems.

There are thousands of vehicles available for van hire in the UK and whether it's a mini-van, panel van or even a Bedford you require, there are a range of options available and these days you can even book them online. Typically, the range of commercial vehicles available for hire includes all sorts of vans up to 7.5 tonnes, giving you a great deal of flexibility.

In fact, van hire in the UK is so simple that almost anyone can do it. Typically the only requirements are that the hirer is over 25 and he or she has held a full driving license for a minimum period of time. You may also be required to hold a clean driving license with no penalty points. However, different companies have different policies, so the golden rule is that if you have problems hiring a van, shop around when looking for van hire in the UK.

Typically, van hire in the UK includes full breakdown cover, telephone support and comprehensive insurance for the named driver only. When you rent a van, the person named on the application form will be the only one legally allowed to drive it. While it's not usually a problem to add multiple drivers, it's important to notify the rental in advance. Likewise if you plan to take the vehicle outside the UK, it's essential to notify the company.

Today, many companies that offer van hire in the UK have nationwide coverage and some even have worldwide coverage. They offer a range of features such as the ability to pick up a vehicle wherever you want, and then also to drop it off at any designated depot of that company. This is a great way to get out of having to do an expensive return trip, and it could save you a great deal on fuel costs!

Van hire in the UK is only getting more popular as the vehicles become cheaper to rent. Thanks to the fact that today many companies offer vehicles for just half a day or less, it's never been easier to simply pop into the local depot, hire a vehicle and do what you've been meaning to do for months. Quite simply, there's now no excuse to not clear out the Garage, buy all that garden furniture, or even move home.

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