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Self-Drive Van Hire

Self-Drive Van Hire

Thousands of people every day throughout the UK need to use a van; this can be for many reasons, both commercial and domestic. There are hundreds of van hire companies in the UK and each will have a range of vehicles that can be used for any purpose, from moving house to storing refrigerated items. One choice that people often have is between self-drive van hire and hiring with a driver.

What is self-drive van hire?

Self-drive van hire is the most commonly offered and popular form of van hire in the UK; self-drive means that the van will be hired to be driven by the customer. The option of self-drive offers different kinds of benefits than hiring a van complete with a driver.

The benefits of hiring a van with a driver are the fact that you can have someone that is experienced and trained it driving vans; this is perfect for removing the stress of driving a vehicle that is a lot larger than you are used to, it is also the only option for those that do not have a driving license. Hiring a driver may also be required if you are looking to hire a 7.5 tonne van as only individuals with a category C1 on their license are able to drive this size of vehicle.

The main benefit of self-drive van hire is the freedom and the time frame for which you can have the vehicle. Choosing to hire a van with a driver means that you are restricted as to where you can go and when; you are also restricted on the amount of time you can have the van. Many people require the need for a van for a weekend, week or even month; this may not be possible if you are hiring with a driver. A van with a driver will generally only available for one day at a time; self-drive means that you are able to keep the van overnight.

Cost is also a good benefit with self-drive hiring. A van with a driver will mean that you are paying for the van hire and also the wages of the driver; with self-drive you are only hiring the van.

Deposit and Insurance when hiring

Two things that will be required with self-drive van hire are a deposit and insurance. A van with a driver will mean that neither of these options is needed as they will be covered by the company who will insure the driver and no damage to the vehicle can be caused by you meaning no deposit.

Self-drive hire firms usually require that you put down a deposit to cover any possible damage to the vehicle, the deposit is put down (usually by credit card) before hire and returned once the van is returned. Any damage to the vehicle whilst in your possession may result in the deposit being forfeited.

Insurance will be needed to cover both the van and its passengers with self-drive hire; it is usually included in the price of hire but will need to be checked.

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