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Volkswagen Camper Van Hire

Volkswagen Camper Van Hire

The Volkswagen Camper van is one of the most iconic and popular vans on the market and is perfect for travelling and holidaying. Many people now look for Volkswagen Camper van hire as an alternative way to spend a holiday and have the freedom to create their own journey however they wish without the need for spending expensive costs on hotels or camping equipment. The VW Camper has developed greatly over the years and there is now a modern and sleek version of the van on the market; this has not had any effect on the popularity on the vintage models from the sixties and seventies which are still sought after by many people looking to hire.

Features of the Volkswagen Camper van

Anyone looking for Volkswagen Camper van hire will realise just what choice they have available; vans can be catered and customised to suit anyone’s holiday needs. There is also a rising popularity in people choosing the vintage camper van to travel in style to weddings. The overall use of the VW Camper van is to provide a van that can also be used as a home on the road. All camper vans will contain:
  • Beds
  • Stove
  • Sink
  • Worktop
  • Lighting
Some models also have a fridge and fresh water and waste water tanks. Volkswagen Camper van hire companies often have two, four, five and six berth vans on offer and the option of an elevated roof which is perfect for summer camping trips.

Two of the popular VW Camper vans for hire are the split screen and bay window vintage models from the sixties and seventies. Many companies offer complete refurbished models combining modern features with the classic Volkswagen style.
Most of the original shaped vans have been modernised to include up to date features and have CD players, air conditioning and iPod docking stations. The version likely to be available with Volkswagen Camper van hire companies are:
  • T3
  • T4
  • T5

Hiring a Volkswagen Camper van

Choosing Volkswagen Camper Van Hire will depend on the type of van you require, the price of the van will usually depend on the size and amount of people you want the van to sleep. As VW Campers are generally used for holidays it is unlikely that you will be able to hire one just for a day unless it is for a wedding. Companies usually offer the van for:
  • Weekend breaks
  • Full week breaks
  • Short mid-week breaks
Before hiring you will need to check that the quoted price provides the equipment and utensils you will need for your trip. Some companies will offer all kitchen utensils such as knives, forks and plates as-well as a bottle of gas for the stove and sink and cooker hook-up.

There may be restrictions on mileage with a certain amount allowable and a charge per mile after the allowance is used. Some companies will offer unlimited mileage during the hire period, which will be useful if you plan on doing a lot of travel.

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