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No Deposit Van Hire

No Deposit Van Hire

The chance to hire a van to cover a short term need can be a useful alternative to buying and all of the other costs that come with owning a van. Many people like to achieve the lowest overall price possible when hiring and finding no deposit van hire is something that people like to look for.

Deposit to hire a van

More companies than not offering vans for hire will require a deposit before the vehicle is driven away from the depot. The cost of the deposit will vary depending on the hire firm but can be expected to be around £200-£500; it is used as collateral against any damage that may occur to the van while it is in the customer’s possession. Before the van is hired it will be fully inspected by the hire company to check for any possible damage that is already apparent; any damage is detailed and noted before hire. Upon its return the van is once again inspected and providing there is no damage the deposit is returned in full. Should any damage be present some or all of the deposit may be forfeited.

Another reason hire companies use a deposit is if they charge per mile used. Some companies hire the van with a full tank of diesel and then charge per each mile used. The mileage costs are then deducted from the deposit upon return of the van.

No deposit van hire

Finding no deposit van hire may prove a bit tougher than finding a van that requires a deposit. One way that will lead to a no deposit van hire is to hire a van that comes with a driver.

Some companies will offer a van that comes with a driver; this has benefits for people who do not want to pay a deposit that could possibly forfeited and for those who do not want the stress of driving. A driver is also a good option if you have the need for a larger van such as 7.5 tonne or extra-large wheel base. For someone who is inexperienced at operating a large vehicle, having someone that is trained and experienced can be helpful. It also takes away the worry of causing any damage to the vehicle.

No deposit van hire with a driver also gives the chance to have the van delivered to your door and returned to the depot. There will also be no need for any paperwork to be filled in.

Some companies that offer no deposit van hire on a self-drive basis will generally cost more than those that require a deposit; there are usually higher insurance costs to be paid.

Deposits are usually made by credit card rather than in cash, those without a credit will be better suited by searching for hire companies that require no deposit. Using the internet to conduct a search will lead you to a list of hire firms that do not require a deposit. It is likely that vans with no deposit are not available on a short term basis.

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