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Practical Van Hire

Practical Van Hire

There are hundreds of companies across the UK offering van hire to suit any requirements. Finding van hire in your area shouldn’t prove too hard with both local and nationwide companies servicing most areas; one good place to source out van hire would be to look for the nearest airport. Airports are generally home to van hire firms offering vehicles that can be hired starting from a few hours ranging up to a month and are perfect for any sort of job; one of those companies is Practical van hire.

Practical Van Hire

Practical van hire have served the UK with rental services for over 25 years and are now the fourth largest company serving England, Scotland, Wales and the Irish Republic. Finding a van hire firm that can offer the fantastic range of vehicles of a nationwide company and provide the service and prices of a local company can be tough but this is exactly what Practical van hire has to offer. Vans can be hired from one of 150 locations throughout the British Isles and their fleet is not just limited to vans. They also have an extensive range of:
  • Cars
  • Minibuses
  • Motorhomes
  • People carriers
All vehicles are hired on a self-drive basis which gives the customer the freedom to use the van as they wish during the hire period. The self-drive option means that customers are not tied down to a van with a driver which sometimes restricts the areas you can go and the length of time you can hire the van. Vans that come with a driver often mean that overnight hire is not an option.

One way van hire

The option of one way van hire is something the Practical can offer customers that other companies cannot. One way van hire involves renting a van at one location, travelling to another destination and returning the vehicle at the new destination. It is something that most local hire firms cannot offer because of the fact they do not have the facilities in other areas of the country. The size of the Practical van hire network means that the one way option can easily be done, making it perfect for those who are moving home or relocating a business to another area.

Types of van for hire

To stand out from other companies a van hire firm will need to offer an extensive range of vehicles that can match any customer requirements, Practical van hire has vans of all sizes and styles. The vans that are offered by Practical start from small combo and connect vans ranging up to larger vehicles such as Sprinters, Luton’s and even 7.5 tonne and refrigerator vans.

Extras are also regularly requested by customers and Practical can provide extras with all of their vehicles. Automatic vehicles and global satellite navigation systems are two of the popular choices but there is also the option for tail lifts and roller doors on vans with makes for the easier loading of heavy objects, tail lifts are perfect for house moving.

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