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Van Hire With Towbar

Van Hire With Towbar

Vans can be useful for many jobs; the variety of styles, shapes and sizes means that no matter what the task there is likely to be a van suited to it. Van hire is a popular way to gain access to a van and there are hundreds of hire firms in the UK that will stock a van perfectly catered to your requirements. Many companies offer extras on vans that can be provided on request, people can choose van hire with towbar, sat nav, tail lift or even extras for entertainment and comfort such as a CD player air conditioning.

Finding Van Hire with towbar

Not all companies have vans that are fitted with a towbar and it is likely that you will need to request this as an extra when making a booking. Towbars can be useful for many purposes; maybe you are moving to a new area and tow a caravan or trailer or the use could be commercial towing a generator as part of your work whatever the use a towbar can prove useful. Finding van hire with towbar will not be as easy as finding an average van without. A towbar can be fitted to any sized van and there will be plenty of companies with vans in their fleet complete with towbar and ready to hire, you can use different ways to search for companies offering vans.

Most advertisements are likely to just advertise vans and may not mention the towbar, to find out if a towbar is offered then you will need to contact the hire company or possibly find out by visiting the company’s website. Finding van hire firms in your area can be done by searching through local directories or by using the internet. The internet offers a good way to find van companies that can provide a towbar; they can be found instantly in your area by using an online broker website.

Broker websites and keywords such as “van hire with towbar” will search through a database of hundreds of companies and list all the ones in your area that apply.

Extra cost of van hire with towbar

Because the towbar does not come as standard on vans it will be classed as an extra, when phoning around different companies for quotes it is important to ask for the price quoted to include any extras that you require. The towbar may cost a set price or may be more expensive depending on which type of van you choose to hire. Getting quotes of the cost of a towbar as an extra can be useful as some companies may be willing to match or beat your lowest quote which could lead to a saving.

If you are planning on towing anything then it may be worth enquiring to see if the item being towed is covered in the insurance. General insurance only covers the vehicle and the passengers and you may be required to pay extra fees to cover the towed item.

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