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Van Hire Tail Lift

Van Hire Tail Lift

Vans for hire can come in many different sizes and style varieties; this makes them perfect for almost any kind of job. Whether it is collecting a parcel ordered from the internet or moving your business to another location, there is likely to be a van to suit. Vans are also available with extras that can help you in your task; this could be a satellite navigation system or a towbar but one of the most popular choices is the option of a tail lift with van hire. Tail lift devices are perfect for many tasks.

What is a Tail lift?

When looking around for van hire, tail lift vans will usually amongst the fleet of many companies. The tail lift is a hydraulic lift that is control operated and can help with the lifting of heavy and awkward objects. It is based at the back of the van and will folded and locked in place when the van is in transit, it is then easily unfolded and will lift objects from the ground up to the van floor. The tail lift is also designed to carry up to one tonne in weight which is enough to handle all large furniture items. For people moving house and looking for van hire, tail lift vans are the best choice.

Vans with a tail lift

Unfortunately the tail lift device is not available on all vans; the design of the lift will make it only suited to box vans. Most van hire companies will have a van with a tail lift in their fleet as they are in constant demand. The two vans kinds of van that do have a tail lift are the Luton and the 7.5 tonne van. Both vans are large enough to make them perfect for moving furniture although the 7.5 tonne van will have more space and payload than the Luton.

The Luton is an excellent choice for removal van hire; tail lift devices add an extra benefit for loading. Many of the leading car and van manufacturers have a Luton style van in their range of vehicles, some of those manufacturers are:
  • Ford
  • Peugeot
  • Fiat
  • Citroën
  • Mercedes
The van has an internal length of around 4.0 metres and has a payload of around one tonne, which makes it an ideal choice for carrying furniture. The Luton is also popular for it handling ability and manoeuvrability and can be driven as easily as a smaller van. The Luton can also be driven by anyone holding a full UK driving license.

The 7.5 tonne van with tail lift offers around 7.0 metres internal length and a payload of 2650 kg which makes it popular for both domestic and commercial use. The 7.5 tonne van can come in different variations including curtain sides and drop sides but the version with tail lift is generally the box van. The 7.5 tonne is considerably larger than other vans and will require that the person driving holds a category C1 licence.

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