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Van Hire in the UK

Van Hire in the UK

Your trusty car can help you with most things in life like traipsing around passengers and moving small odds and ends but there are some tasks that just any old car won’t be able to do.  If you are moving house or need to transport goods quickly and fairly easily, you will need a van.  As most of us don’t drive vans, it can be quite a formidable task actually getting one at the drop of the hat.  Luckily for us, van hire is a fast and effective way of getting the vehicles we need in order to move pretty much anything from one place to another.

Van Hire in the UK Companies

Kendal Cars ironically hire out a lot of vans as well and are a great company to go with because they have a great reputation and are very customer-orientated! They also allow you to hire vans over long periods if you are planning a cross country trip or have a business endeavour that requires it.

Dominic and Sons are another great van hiring company that specialize in van hire and know all the ins and outs of the business. They also offer their service in most parts of the United Kingdom which makes them versatile and easily accessible. But most importantly, Dominic and Sons have only positive customer reviews, which means that you’re ensured of the quality and service that you need with any moving job. First Van Rental operate in Coventry and Birmingham mostly but they are a good company to go with because they offer information upfront without tedious quote sending and the owners have collectively had years of experience in the business.

Van Hire in the UK Costs

First Van Rental will charge approximately £20 per van per day. They also offer free delivery and won’t charge you any additional costs that you are unaware of. Finding a Van Hiring Company that costs less than this is relatively unusual as this is the average amount you are likely to pay.

Finding a Van Hiring Company in the UK

As with most things, it is best to trust referrals when looking for the right van hire in the UK company. The personal experiences of friends and family will be a far better standard to work on than any other source of information. If in doubt, ask around in your area. Small and local business owners are the best people (after loved-ones) to recommend specific companies. Your local farm stall (for example) will know the best deals on van hire and be able to offer you advise on which companies work and which don’t.

If you have goods that need moving that just won’t fit into a car, then hiring is your best bet. Most van companies offer a very reliable and professional service with the option for reviews. Kendal Cars are one of the most recognized but there will be a number of companies in your area. For around £20 a day, the hiring itself won’t set you back too much. Just remember to ask around for recommendations as this is the best way to find quality van hire in the UK.

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