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Car And Van Hire

Car And Van Hire

Vehicle rental is common in the UK and is used for many reasons. Cars provide the means for people to travel the British Isles and further afield and see the sights, and vans offer excellent benefits for transporting items from one place to another. Car and van hire also means that you are not tied down to the extra costs that come with owning the vehicle and tax and insurance are covered in the hire agreement.

Hiring a car or van

Car and van hire is now offered by many companies with some offering fleets in cars and vans as well as minibuses. There are hire companies up and down the UK that specialise in either cars or vans and only offer one or the other but nationwide hire and rental companies generally offer both options.

Before you choose your car or van hire you will need to find out what vehicles each company has in its fleet. If you are travelling as a couple and going sight-seeing over long distances then you may prefer the option of a smaller car that does more miles per gallon and that is perfect for city driving; likewise if you have a large family then a people carrier may be needed. The same choices will apply to vans, a smaller van is not going to be ideal for moving house and a large van will not be ideal if all you are doing is carrying around small items such as work tools.

Using the internet as a resource into searching what each company offers can be helpful. Most car and van hire firms will have a website that will show what types of vehicle are on offer as well as contact details. It is important to gain a few quotes before choosing which company to hire from, taking the time to gather four or five different prices may help you to make a saving.

Deposits for Car and Van Hire

Many car and van hire firms will charge the customer a deposit before the vehicle is driven away. The deposit will vary depending on the company you have chosen but is generally somewhere between £250 and £500, this will cover any possible damage to the car upon its return. The car will be fully inspected prior to hire and on its return for possible damage to both interior and exterior, the deposit may be held back if any damage has occurred. It may be wise to inspect the car yourself and notify the company of damage before hire.

Car and van Hire Insurance

Many companies offer car and van hire complete with comprehensive insurance, this will generally cover the vehicle and all of those travelling in it. If you are transporting goods it will be worth checking to see if they are also covered, extra costs may be needed to cover goods. Some companies will include the cost of insurance in with the cost of hire; other companies may charge it as an extra. It is important to know if insurance is included when getting quotes for your vehicle rental.

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