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UK Van Hire

UK Van Hire

Van hire in the UK is one of the best catered to markets in the world. Van hire is big business with people needing the use of a van for both commercial and domestic purposes, from just a few hours right up to a month or more. There is no shortage of choice in vans or companies hiring them and with more and more companies dealing in van and car hire prices have become more competitive meaning that people looking for UK van hire can often find an excellent package.

Local or Nationwide

The general choice of UK van hire that you will have to choose from is companies on a local level and companies that operate nationwide. There are both local independent hire firms and large nation and European wide franchises operating in most towns and cities in the UK.

Local van hire firms will usually be able to offer you a lower price of hire but are sometimes restricted to the variety of vans they have on offer in comparison with a nationwide companies. Another thing that nationwide companies can offer is the ability of one way van hire; this gives the chance for the van to be collected from one location and returned at another. The option of one way van hire is perfect for people moving house or students leaving home for university.

What to look for when hiring

When looking for UK van hire most people like to find a van at the lowest possible price without taking away from the quality of service. There are options and extras available with most vans to improve your experience and help in the task you are carrying out.

The first thing to know is that there is usually a deposit charged this is done by companies on a local and national level. The deposit is taken before the van is driven away and is used as an insurance against any damage that may occur whilst the van is in the customer’s possession. The deposit is usually taken using credit card and is likely to be in the region of £200-£500.

Hidden costs are something that is important to look out for with UK van hire. Each van and passenger will need insurance before the van can be driven away, every van hire price will also be subject to VAT which stands at 20%. When gathering quotes you should find out if the insurance and VAT is included in the price, some companies will quote you a price and then add these charges at the time of payment. You should also make sure that the insurance included in fully comprehensive and designed to cover both the van and the passengers.

Some van hire companies will put a cap on the mileage that can be done on a daily basis, after the mileage allowance has been passed you will be charged a fee per mile. If you plan on travelling long distances it may be wise to look for unlimited mileage.

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