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Cheap Van Hire

Cheap Van Hire

The hiring of a van has benefits for many purposes and vans are used frequently on a daily basis for both domestic and commercial purposes. Van hire suppliers can be found up and down the UK and on both a local, independent and nationwide scale.

Most companies will advertise their business across various platforms to increase business and contact details for each company can be found easily using:
  • Yellow Pages
  • Supermarket notice boards
  • Shop windows
  • Internet
One thing many people look for is van hire at the lowest possible price without jeopardising the level of service. There are a few ways to help in finding cheap van hire, no matter what area of the UK you are in.

Booking van hire on the internet

The internet has become a popular way of booking van hire, customers can visit the website of their chosen hire company and select and book a van for hire in minutes, all without the need of possibly expensive phone calls. Booking online is also a good way to find cheap van hire, companies that offer online booking facilities can often do so at low administration costs and this enables them to pass on a discount to internet customers. By taking a few minutes to book the hire of your chosen van on the company’s website you can often make a saving of 10%.

Another benefit of the internet for finding cheap van hire is the option of online brokers and comparison websites. By entering you preferred dates and times of hire the database of the comparison site is able to search through hundreds of van hire companies and list the best priced vans in your area, you are then able to book your hire instantly.

Any online booking transactions will require that the booker has a valid debit or credit card.

Special offers on van hire

Many companies offer discount rates and special offers on less popular vans and for booking at “off-peak” times. The weekend is generally the most popular time of week for van hire; vans will usually be charged at full rates during this time, midweek is less popular and people can often find that a midweek van hire is a few pounds cheaper than on a Saturday or Sunday.

Some companies may also offer discounted rates on vans that are infrequently hired to increase sales; these offers can appear at various times of the year and regular visits to a supplier’s website is the best way to keep informed.

Choosing extras on van hire

Cheap van hire is usually based on the van alone with no extras, companies will often offer extras with a van to help you with your task, and these extras will push up the overall cost of van hire. Extras may include:
  • Tail lifts
  • Roof racks
  • Tow bars
  • Sat Nav’s
You should only use what extras you need; some companies may also offer the services of a driver, this will also result in the price of hire increasing.

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