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Van Hire With Driver

Van Hire With Driver

When looking for van hire in the UK you will generally be faced with two choices - the first choice is to hire the van on a self-drive basis and the other is van hire with driver. Both options are widely available and the choice of a van complete with a driver is something that appeals to many people.

Reasons for van hire with driver

There are many reasons that hiring a van with a driver can be beneficial; the first and most obvious reason is for people that don’t drive. Millions of people in the UK do not drive and for them the need for a van with a driver is a must.

The need for a driver may also be required for people who are looking to hire a 7.5 tonne van to carry out a job. A 7.5 tonne van requires that a driver has a category C1 licence to drive the vehicle and any one that passed the UK driving test after 01/01/1997 will not have this form of licence unless they have undergone further training to gain the category C1.

Having van hire with driver also brings the benefit of having someone experienced drive the vehicle on your behalf. Driving can stressful at the best of times and driving a vehicle that you have no experience with can only add to the stress, having a driver can mean you are able to relax while the driving is done for you. This can also be of benefit if you are moving house and already have a lot of things going on.

Removal van hire with a driver can also be useful and in many cases the driver can help with the removal process by loading and unloading furniture from the vehicle. Companies can also supply a removal service whereby extra men can be supplied to carry out the house or business move for you.

Hiring a self- drive van will usually require that you pay a deposit. The deposit is usually paid by credit or debit card and can be up to £500, choosing van hire with driver will mean that a deposit is often not needed as you will not be driving the vehicle. Although van hire with a driver may cost slightly more than self-drive to cover the cost of the driver savings can be made on not paying insurance fees or risking a deposit being forfeited.

With self-drive van hire you are often required to pick up and return the vehicle to the depot, a van and driver will be able to come to where you need them.

Finding van hire with driver

Many companies who supply vans complete with driver run a “man and van” service, these can be found easily using the internet, local directories and local newspapers. Some people providing van and driver services work on an independent basis using one van and will not have a fleet of vans, advertisements for this kind of service may be found in shop windows or supermarket notice boards.

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