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1 Way Van Hire

1 Way Van Hire

Van hire is extremely popular in the UK and thousands of people choose the option of hire and rental for many purposes. Vans are hired on a daily basis for jobs such as moving house and picking up large items; they are also popular with various tradesmen and contractors for carrying tools to and from work. The flexibility of van hire is something that is also appealing; hiring can be done over a short term period, for a few hours or a weekend and long term hire for a number of months. One option that does prove popular with customers is the chance to have the access to 1 way van hire.

Hiring 1 way vans

1 way van hire is the process in which a van is hired and picked up at one location and returned at another location. This kind of van hire is ideal for many purposes, especially for those that are relocating for any reason. Some of the common uses for 1 way van hire include:
  • Moving house
  • Moving belongings from one place to another. Such as students leaving for university
  • Delivering goods to businesses and/or airports
The option of hiring a van on a one way basis is something that is not offered by every company. Many companies on a local and independent level do not have the facilities in other areas to be able to return the van at a different location. It is also a costly process for van hire companies as the van often has to be transported back to the depot unused which means the companies are spending on fuel and possible tolls. The best option is to look for a company based on a national or European level; these companies will generally have depots and offices in many towns and cities as-well as various airports.

Nationwide van hire

Nationwide 1 way van hire companies can usually provide an excellent range of vehicles that can be returned to any depot across the country and used for any purpose. Vans can come in a range of sizes to provide the service you need. Vans that are generally available include:
  • Small combo vans. These come with two seats and are useful for small items and tools.
  • Ford Transit SWB and LWB. The Transit is a popular choice for many people for its versatility and comes in small wheel base and long wheel base to cater to many people’s needs.
  • Luton. The Luton offers the perfect choice for moving large items such as furniture; it comes with an electric tail lift and rolling rear door to make it easy to lift heavy items to and from the van.
Choosing 1 way van hire through a nationwide company also gives the peace of mind that the van will come with full comprehensive insurance. You can drive freely without the worry of the having to pay any excess should damage occur and should the van be stolen; items inside of the van can also be insured.

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