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Removal Van Hire

Removal Van Hire

Many van hire firms most popular van hire purpose is supplying customers with vans for house and business removals. Most people do not own a van and if they do it is often a smaller van which is not suited for carrying larger objects. Choosing the option of removal van hire gives you access to a larger van on a short term basis.

Types of van

Choosing removal van hire will limit you to what kind of van you can choose, not because there is a shortage of vans but the fact that all vans are not suited to holding items of furniture in both size and payload.

The most common vans for removals are:

  • Luton van
  • 7.5 tonne box van
  • LWB or XLWB van such as a Mercedes Sprinter or the Ford Transit Jumbo
All three of these vans provide excellent benefits for removals as they are built to hold extra weight without being difficult with handling and manoeuvrability.

The Luton stands out as the most popular for removal van hire; this is because of the option of a tail lift. The hydraulic tail gate lift is perfect for handling bulky items such as wardrobes and chests of drawers; the lift is built to lift up to a tonne in weight. The benefit of the tail lift makes up for the fact that the Luton is smaller than its removal van counterparts.

The 7.5 tonne vans are fantastic for size and have the ability to store plenty of household items in one load. The size of the 7.5 tonne van does mean that there are certain driving license criteria that must be met; only people carrying a category C1 license are able to drive this kind of vehicle. Drivers who passed the UK driving test on or prior to 01/01/1997 will already have the C1 on their license, those who have passed their test after this date will have needed to undergone training to gain the category C1.

The Mercedes Sprinter and the Ford Transit Jumbo are also popular options; this is because they offer the same ease of driving of a small wheel base while having much more space to store objects.

Driver or no driver with hire

Companies can supply their removal vans with or without a driver; each option will have its benefits. Those companies supplying a driver on a “man and van” basis will often mean that the driver can help with the removal process by helping to lift furniture and load the van. The driver will also be experienced and can take away the stress of handling a large vehicle that you are maybe not familiar with.

Removal van hire on a self- drive basis offers something that a van with a driver cannot and that is freedom and time. Vans that come with a driver are usually only available for one day at a time, self- drive means that you can hire a van overnight and carry out the removal in your own time.

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