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Van Hire Costs

Van Hire Costs

Van hire in the UK is now commonly available and companies can offer a wide range of vans at various prices. When searching for a van that is suited to the job you need you will likely find that prices differ between hire companies. Before deciding on a van it is best to do a bit of research; find out information and gather a number of quotes to compare the van hire costs.

Comparison websites

Comparison websites are popular with people comparing the prices of any kind of purchase and van hire is no different. There are a few websites that have the database to search through hundreds of companies to find the lowest possible van hire costs in your area. Using a comparison website can be a good alternative to phoning round numerous companies and gathering quotes; the downside is that not all of the UK companies are found in the search. Most of the large nationwide companies will searchable and some of the larger local firms however some of the smaller, local, independent companies may not be included in the database meaning that you may miss out on some of the lower prices available.

Search engines

The internet is generally the best method of searching out the best van hire costs and prices; using a search engine and keywords based on low cost van hire in your area will give you many leads. Most companies today will have a website that details their businesses, gives contact details and shows the vans that are available. Websites may also include the prices of hire for the different vehicles.

Hidden van hire costs

When you are gathering quotes for van hire it is important to find out if the quote you have been given is the actual price that you will be paying. Some firms may have hidden van hire costs that will mean you being quoted on price and paying another; any company doing this is not serving the customer and is best being avoided. The hidden costs that are usually added on at a later date are insurance and VAT, both of these will alter the cost and should be included in the quote.

The insurance is needed before you are able to drive away the van companies should provide you with comprehensive insurance which will cover both you and the vehicle. The current VAT rate in the UK stands at 20%, not including this in the original quote will mean that the fee will have a substantial difference upon payment.

Extras with your hire

The cost given for van hire will depend on the size of the van you are hiring and also the length of time you intend to have the vehicle. There will also be the option for added extras, these can include an added tail lift, towbar or trolleys, satellite navigation systems are also classed as extras and available on request. Vans are usually available in both manual and automatic transmissions; an automatic vehicle may also be subject to extra costs.

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