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Van Hire Self-Drive

Van Hire Self-Drive

When looking to hire a van you will generally have two choices; van hire self-drive or van hire with a driver; both options have benefits and both are readily available. Van hire self-drive is more commonly found and is offered by more companies both locally and nationwide. Van hire with a driver offers both benefits and drawbacks and will depend on your need for the vehicle whether or not you wish to have a driver.

Van Hire self-drive benefits

The option of van hire self-drive is the one that is the most popular in the UK. Many companies provide vans of all sizes that can be hired from a day to a month; some companies can even provide a self-drive van for as little as one hour! Self-drive van hire will be a lot easier to find than vans with a driver and is likely to be cheaper. The variation in time periods that you can have the van is something that cannot be matched by van hire with a driver. Many people choose to hire a van for longer than a day and will keep the van overnight; this is something that cannot be done with a driver. There is also the freedom that comes with self-drive van hire; hiring the van to be driven by you will mean that you can take as long you need to carry out a job and also travel where you want and when you want.

Van hire with driver benefits

The choice of van hire with driver may not offer the freedom of a van hire self-drive vehicles but it does come with its own benefits. When hiring self-drive you will usually be subject to a deposit payment and this will cover any damage should there be any while the van is in your care. There will also be extra fees to pay for insurance to protect the van and the driver, this will not be needed when someone form the hire company is driving the vehicle on your behalf. There is also the chance for the van to be driven by someone who has experience in handling vans; this is especially beneficial in larger vehicles.

Van hire self-drive: driving requirements

There are certain driving requirements that will need to be met when hiring a van on a self-drive basis. The minimum age to drive a van on hire is 21 although some companies may ask that the driver is at least 25. Any van ranging up to a 7.5 tonne van can be driven by anyone holding a full UK driving license, you may find certain companies that have restriction on license points and anyone with over six points may not be accepted.

A 7.5 tonne van will require that the designated driver has a category C1 license, for those that past the driving test prior to January 1997 the category C1 will automatically be present on the driving licence. Anyone that passed the driving test after January 1997 will need to have undergone further training to gain the category C1.

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