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In the UK, van hire is an especially popular option when it comes to transporting any kind of possession. This can be simply after a large shopping trip or even during a house or office move. Van hire services usually offer self drive options enabling you to schedule your move into a time that suits you. Whilst you may think it is a good idea to use your own car or even borrow one from a friend or family member, the problem of having to make multiple journeys inevitably always exists. This is when a van comes in handy, as most can fit in enough possessions to make the hire costs worthwhile and the experience less stressful.

The Benefits of Van Hire

Because there are hundreds of van hire companies in the UK, the business in general is pretty competitive with companies tending to offer budget and low cost services in order to attract clientele. This is clearly a huge benefit to the customer. In addition, offers can often be found especially during the holiday season when festive rates can be seen from company to company. Make sure that if you want to book during this time that you book in advance – you want to book before a company gets too many orders!

Most van rental companies also tend to offer a friendly and responsive customer service via telephone and online booking options, although these may not be offered during the holiday season just to avoid overbooking. Before even approaching anybody from the company, you should check out their online websites (if they have one) as most will display their rates enabling you to make an informed decision.

It is usually advantageous for customers to stick to a particular van rental company in order to develop a cordial and efficient working relationship so that all their transport and ‘moving’ needs, whenever they may arise, are taken care of promptly. However, this may be an issue when the van rental company has a limited regional or geographic reach. Nevertheless, any van hire service that is reasonable in terms of cost and helpful in terms of customer service is good enough for a tension and hassle-free transit.

Renting a van for yourself makes the entire process more flexible and you can stop at as many locations as you need to, to pick up any further items you may want. This especially rids you of the worry of having to return a borrowed car from a relative or of making the journey back just in time to collect the stuff you might have left behind at your old location. Besides this, not only are your prized possessions safely stacked in a spacious van instead of squashed in the small space of a car, but you can manage this arrangement more efficiently by stacking the things that need to go into your new house or office first, last into your van.

Popular Van Hire Companies in the UK

Owing to these advantages van hire remains incredibly popular in the UK and rightly so. There are numerous companies offering prime services besides car and minibus rentals. The following is an overview of some of these companies and the services they offer.

Safehouse Van Hire: This company offers a variety of services based on promptness (5 minute pick up), time of the week (weekend hire), duration (24 hour hire, long term rental) and type (business van hire). They are BSI certified to assert that their management systems satisfy all requisite standards and schemes that may apply. They offer 24 hour telephonic customer service for any query that the customer may have and if you’re a first time customer, you will also receive a 10% discount. Their website is updated with the list of vans that are available for hire which helps you to match your requirement with the van capacity.

Thrifty Car and Van Rentals: Seemingly inexpensive as its name suggests, this company also has a strong online presence and allows online bookings. Although they don’t seem to offer telephonic customer service, their online booking form is quite comprehensive. The company has a vast, possibly the widest, regional reach in comparison to other van rental companies out there and owing to this vast regional presence across the UK, the company has maintained long term relationships with its customers. This is also evident from the fact that they advise you to open an account in order to track your orders and make sure you come back to them for more services.

Europcar: This van rental company appears more sophisticated in its offering and seems to be catering to corporate customers. They offer corporate accounts and in addition rental vans to travel agents and tour operators. Their list of available vans is very sophisticated and includes information like payload and load space for customers to determine the van that matches their requirements. In addition, they also provide information concerning the condition and orient new customers towards van safety procedures like advice on locking the doors and being conscious of the length and width of the vehicle in your control. This free information can prove to be valuable for first time customers. Further, van loading tips offered on their website are also helpful.

Budget: As direct as the name sounds, their services have been recommended by City Guide magazine with 8 out of 10 customers recommending their services. Again, they offer online hire quotes and booking services. Instead of an online account on their website, they make a more robust customer service proposition by offering membership and subsequently retaining a wider clientele through membership discounts. Their simple approach is to cater to a wider audience by offering distinct van hire services that cater to individual as well as business renter needs. The reach of this company’s services is international and not just limited to the UK. This helps customers solve their transport and stuff shifting dilemmas outside the UK as well.

While the above list of companies isn’t exhaustive at all, it helps render a good overview of the range of services being offered by van rental companies in the UK. Because of the sheer amount of companies it might be a good idea to compare those in your local area with companies that operate nationally to find the best deal for you.

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